Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reinforcing our Prejudices

You may notice that the blog avoids political issues and that tradition continues. So, when you follow the link to the article I am sending, and it begins with "If you’re a Democrat, your candidate won in Wednesday night’s presidential debate." don't think you are reading a political article. It is about something much deeper. It is, instead, an article that uses the example of what is going on the democratic primaries to talk about how we process information in a way that tends to reinforce what we already believe. This is a really poignant issue for Christians. The Bible is our book, but how we read it can affect whether we will allow it to change our lives or if we will simply use it as a tool to feel better about how we already live. This is a really poignant issue for United Methodists, especially this week. As we head into General Conference, where we will be making decisions that will deeply affect the future of our denomination, will we actually listen to each other, or we will hold so firm to what we already believe that we will possibly miss where the Holy Spirit is leading us?

Give the article a read. I would love to read your feedback!

Published: April 17, 2008
Even though the policy differences between the two Democratic candidates are minimal, each camp is becoming increasingly aggravated at the other.




Anonymous said...

I remember beating myself up for years over a scripture in the bible that said something like "I spit you out because you are neither hot nor cold...." I felt like God wanted to vomit me out of his creation as a pathetic reject because I could not qualify myself with any political or religious absolute. I still struggle with that passage but seem to have found more peace these days, with the practice of keeping an open mind and an open heart. Thanks for sharing the article.

Will Rice said...

I think it is easy to confuse being lukewarm with being open minded. When can be on fire for the gospel and still open to the movement of the Holy Spirit.